MOST Policy Initiative
Graphic Design Intern
MOST Policy Initiative is a nonprofit organization aimed at bringing scientists and policymakers together to improve livelihoods for people and communities in the Midwest.
As an intern for MOST Policy Initiative, I worked on a wide range of projects such as designing social media graphics, creating social media templates on PPT, designing e-newsletters, designing and updating text heavy documents, preparing handouts for policy makers, and aiding in other tasks as needed. Click HERE to view a newsletter sample and check out some of my projects below.
Programs utilized for projects: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Fresco, Microsoft PPT, MailChimp.
Show Me Science For Solutions - Original Podcast Artwork
Selection of graphics made into templates using Microsoft PPT. Each design has a square and rectangle option for posting on multiple platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.
Selection of specialized graphics for social media.

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