Quarterly Director Training (QDT) - Field of Dreams
New Home Star
QDT is a three-day training event that focuses on strategically preparing for the year ahead, participating in training exercises, and digging deeper into our mission and vision. For Q2 of 2023, the organization’s Leadership and Corporate teams were brought together in Chicago for rigorous training centered around the theme, “Field of Dreams."
As the primary designer for this event, I spearheaded the design while working closely with our corporate events manager. Tasks were delegated to other designers on the team when needed. Design materials for this event included: Logo and branding, two agendas, over 100 name tags and table tents, custom baseball cards for each attendee, signage, social media graphics, t-shirt and sticker design, and a customizable slide deck. Almost every item was printed and assembled in house, with the exception of signage, t-shirts, and stickers.
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